Our Purpose

We Aim To Inspire Change.

We believe that everything can be done differently. And better.

We aim to inspire education today to comprise of essential skills, diverse subjects, powerful learning tools and interactive technologies. Instead of disrupting the pre-existing syllabus, we do so by innovating practical possibilities to implement these changes within the present system. We are able to do this owing to an effective combination of several factors:

  1. Our firsthand experience, being recently graduated students with an understanding of what works for students and what doesn’t. Having been through it all while paying close attention to the process and methods, we have been able to identify how we can conduct highly effective training and teaching programmes.
  2. We are personally aware of the important skills and concepts majority of the students regret not having learnt in school, and it goes without saying that these are what we focus on in our programmes. Not being able to communicate confidently to an audience, unable to score well despite tremendous efforts because students are unaware of an effective approach to self-studying, unable to apply creativity to eliminate contradictory problems that we come across, technical or personal, are a few examples of what most students simply can’t do, despite them being essential in the real world.
  3. A lot of us make career decisions we regret, simply because we find out too late about something else that is far more interesting for us to pursue. Why? Because we weren’t really ever exposed to it in school. For example, many of us regret not being introduced to psychology earlier, leading us to pick another field of study. We would hate to see another student go through the same and because we’ve been through this, we will make sure no one else has to.
  4. An experienced member of staff who works as an innovation consultant and trainer for several MNCs along with a decade of expertise in Innovation Methodologies such as TRIZ works with us to identify or create the latest interactive technologies and ideas that speak for themselves. These technologies, ranging from simple multi-purpose materials to complex electronics, will change the way one interacts with their surroundings and enhance the school’s functioning.
  5. Our experience working with educational consultancy firms with several schools for over a year helped us identify what is practically possible for our clients and we strictly restrict ourselves to those possibilities while expanding our outlook on what all we can offer. We then find experts in that area and work with them to develop our technologies and programmes.

In the end, education forms the foundation of every action you take, words you say, decisions you make and achievements every day. Our purpose is to contribute to creating a stronger foundation for all students by inspiring change.

We won’t say that our approach at inspiring change is the best, you will.