When Innovation Meets Education!


18 students, 16 hours, 4 days, 2 trainers and 1 room. Thus began the first ever T.I.P.S. Programme by Proinnovate. 16 hours seemed a lot initially and some hesitated to register simply because of that. Things changed though, by the end of it all. We are grateful for the  invaluable contribution by people from all spheres of life, who believed in our vision, to help us begin.


The T.I.P.S. Programme is the brainchild of Proinnovate’s Founder,  Harshil Vora, and is the first of its kind. We know why we would join such a programme and yet, our students surprised us with their reasons. We  gladly returned the element of surprise with our programme, having much more in store for them than just these things.

The first day began with interesting puzzles that subtly brought forth, to them, the limitations of their existing thinking process. Un-learning was essential as we started building a foundation of “T.I.P.S.”. The focus was on understanding the core concepts that involved the evolution of problem solving and what T.I.P.S. is all about. The process, condensed into our catchy phrase – “Focus. Unfocus. Refocus.” was reiterated as they fully engaged themselves in the activities designed for them.


When what’s known to work goes out the window, our brain is left with no choice but to think of something new. On the next day, we trained students to overcome functional fixedness and avoid compromises when dealing with contradictions.

We introduced them to the ubiquitous nature of  contradictions, how they are at the root of every problem and within a few minutes they were able to identify them in their lives. They amazed us by using the tools – The “Contradiction Matrix” chart and the “40 Inventive Principles” we designed as cards – to eliminate these contradictions! “It’s too hot outside!’ was a simple problem they shared. One of their 10 simple ideas – Exercise a little before you leave home. Think how? Studies, relationships, career choices and products were all dealt with.

Picture10Does this theory work in our reality? Students answered this on the third day as they repeatedly applied our process in various practical activities. First, in just 20 minutes, they came up with 50 different purposes to use a hollow rubber ball besides the obvious, and at least 10 of them were viable business ideas. We won’t be surprised if we see a new startup soon!

“Proinnovate’s Sound Machine” was where they produced fun music by making innovative instruments from what was available. The students took innovation to a whole new level when dealing with 4 relatable real-life problem scenarios. They involved personal, tech, safety and design aspects. Finally, we introduced them to the “Trends of Evolution”. Predicting the future was cakewalk after that.

Picture7Challenge Day was our last day! Followed by a few interactive videos, we conducted rigorous activities for practice and to build their confidence. Limited time and resources made things interesting as they worked in groups to invent in each round.

Students solved several puzzles and riddles initially. Later, we got them making a variety of innovative stuff to perform fun physical tasks! This activity was definitely the crowd favourite.

Finally, we had them sell their ideas as they got to work on career choice making, garbage cans and other relevant products and problems using everything they’ve learnt so far. They designed a beautiful process for selecting their careers that they never thought of before. They designed garbage cans that don’t smell, segregate waste automatically as well as pre-process it! Talk about future technology. Their presentations were incredible!


We had an amazing experience training an awesome batch of 10th Grade students! It was inspiring to see them make time from their classes to develop an essential life skill. The most common feedback we got from students was that it was so fun that it should have been a longer programme!

So, how are we making a difference?

  • We are empowering people to use their mind in the most powerful of ways, like never before.
  • We are making them self-sufficient in dealing with problems in their lives, for the rest of their lives.
  • We are creating innovators whose ideas will help the planet and lead tomorrow.
  • We are inspiring change in education, for all.

Harshil Vora – CEO, Founder and Chief Innovator


Pankaj Vora – Chief Innovation Consultant, Lead T.I.P.S Designer and Trainer










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  • Hi. My niece Shreya Chheda has been bonkers over ur workshop. Seeing her reaction i am compelled to ask if u have some programs for 10-11 yr old’s. Would love something for my 10 yr old daughter

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