Our Programmes

We offer highly interactive and hands-on educational programmes designed for high school students in Mumbai! (We plan to extend into other parts of India later)
These programmes aim to train students in essential skills, diverse subjects and powerful learning tools to promote holistic development of the students via action-packed programmes that consists of games, activities and projects specifically designed for them to develop these skills.

At the moment we offer two programmes:

  1. Leaders Of Tomorrow – Imparting sustainable and quality leadership training to high school students through interactive methods and exploratory activities resulting in a generation of young, capable and confident leaders of tomorrow.  Click Here for programme details.
  2. Get PsychEd! – Providing an active platform for students to engage in interactions, designed for them to explore Psychology and understand its importance, such that they develop interest in Psychology and benefit from it. Click Here for programme details.
  3. T.I.P.S. – It stands for “Theory for Inventive Problem Solving”, a.k.a., TRIZ. It is a Russian problem solving methodology that will transform your creative capabilities by empowering you with its concepts, simple enough for even a 12-year old to apply in daily life. Click here for programme details

In the near future, we will be adding more programmes focusing on other skills, such as:

  1. Mind Maps – A detailed interactive training course on effectively learning and applying mind maps to support better understanding and memory. A Mind Map is the external mirror of your own natural thinking facilitated by a powerful graphic process, which provides the universal key to unlock the dynamic potential of the brain. This goes best along with our “Whiteboard Paint” product offering.