1. It is an exploratory and interactive programme that focuses on having students
develop an understanding of Psychology and its importance. It consists of 3
core aspects of Psychology that are further broken down to facilitate

2. Major parts of the programme will comprise of activity based learning where
the students engage in activities developed and facilitated by us. These will be
indoor activities specifically designed keeping in mind the environment the
school and students are in, their aptitude for grasping new concepts along with
their passions and hobbies.

3. The programme activities include games, presentations, discussions, social and
behavioral experiments and many more. These activities will enable students to
explore the core aspects of psychology and understand its importance.

4. There is a small amount of theory-based learning involved, and whatever
theoretical foundation is required, will be taught through interactive methods
of teaching such as videos, case studies and discussions.

5. The programme is specifically designed to create a sustainable Student
environment for development of Emotional Regulation Techniques that help
deal with anger, sadness and several strong negative emotions.