1. A lot of projects and initiatives will be proposed, planned and implemented to make your school an even more creative and educational space, by students themselves. This means a boost to your quality of education.
  2. We will be documenting the initiatives and activities, to share them on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter as well as our Blog and Website as soon as they’re set-up. This will help bring your school and students into the spotlight for your leadership activities.
  3. A batch of student leaders would mean more efficient schools as a lot of simple and complex tasks could be entrusted to a group of leaders, thus reducing workload on staff while making students feel involved in the school’s functioning.
  4. These student leaders will be more successful in all their ventures during school as well as after graduation. They will be grateful to you for their holistic development. A grateful alumni base of highly-skilled student leaders is a promising support and undeniable proof of your school’s performance.