1. It is an extremely in-depth programme that focuses on every leadership quality and works on each of them specifically as well as collectively. The entire course is designed based on a curriculum created after extensive research and experience. It consists of 13 important leadership skills that are further divided into sub-skills. There is a detailed and meticulous list of objectives created for every skill, which acts as evidence for successful achievement of each skill and also the standards we’ve set for a student to be a good leader.
  2. Major parts of the training will comprise of project and activity based learning where the students take up projects or initiatives and learn to implement these, while simultaneously undergoing training. The projects will be selected by the students based on their interests and comfort and we will guide them as well as train them throughout the project. The activities will be decided, facilitated and conducted by us. The activities will train them to complete the projects as better leaders and more successfully.
  3. The programme will include indoor as well as outdoor activities specifically designed keeping in mind the environment the school and students are in, their aptitude for grasping new concepts and skills along with their passions and hobbies.
  4. The programme activities include debates, surveys, event planning, sales, games, model-making, presentations and speeches, SUPW and many more. We will train the students for debates and MUNs so that they can excel in such competitions.
  5. We believe in quality and to show that we have collaborated with some brilliant students who excel in activities and competitions such as debates and MUNs, who will personally impart their knowledge through activities and interaction. We have also collaborated with a brilliant architecture student who will come in when we train the students for planning, execution and problem solving skills through model-making and other such activities.
  6. There is a small amount of theory-based learning involved, and whatever theoretical foundation is required, will be taught through interactive methods of teaching such as videos, case studies and discussions.
  7. There will be several passive learning tools provided to them to help them maintain a record of what they have been learning and act as a reminder for them to develop better leadership habits, powerful vocabulary, goal setting and planning.
  8. The programme is specifically designed to create a sustainable Student Leadership environment, unlike a three or four day workshop, as it is spread over a longer span of time and provides a forum for consistent practice of the skills being learnt in every session and developing better leadership habits.
  9. There will be numerous initiatives the students will take, during the course of the programme and even after it is over. Trust me, your own students will make this school a much better place than it already is.