Why is it important for students to also be good leaders?

Isn’t it enough that they have to learn and gain knowledge? That they have to write exams and score well? That they have to attend tuitions and play some sport? That they have to learn some form of art?

That is your concern, is it not? Now, listen to ours.

Is it okay to only have knowledge and yet not be confident enough to apply it? That every problem they face, they show a “chalta hai” attitude and not take the initiative to solve it? That they cannot communicate and create a following to bring about a change in society? That these students grow up to simply work at an existing company and fear to start their own? That our country will forever remain in the hands of the same politicians? That the generation after theirs will have no leaders to look up to?

Many students have amazing ideas. Ideas of innovation, change, products, policies and design. Do we genuinely educate them such that they can bring those to reality? It’s fear of failure that forces people to give up on their dreams, even before they’ve started. It takes a great leader to pursue a dream of their own, knowing it lacks the stability of a proven career trajectory.

It should be an educational right for students to learn to lead. To communicate better and persuade better. To work well with others while solving technical, emotional, financial and social problems with ease and efficiency. To deliver mesmerizing speeches and effective presentations. To develop a powerful personality that embodies solid principles such as punctuality, dedication, independence and optimism. To understand their role, rights and responsibilities and to know how to work towards achieving their goals.

We believe education must consist of learning all these life skills that the real world now so evidently demands. As educators, it is our responsibility to ensure all-round quality education. Therefore, we have developed a Student Leadership Training Programme for high school students.

We believe it is time, that we all take a step towards creating Leaders Of Tomorrow.