Why is it important to solve a problem systematically?

While doing anything in life, there is always a new problem to solve. And you need to think to solve it. It can be tiny or huge, with a product or service, with an individual or an organization. How many times have you solved a problem only to create another? Don’t you think it’s important to make sure you’re solving it right? We never learn how to approach a problem to solve it. All we know is that we have to solve it.

Q) I want to make a hollow chocolate with molten syrup in it. How is it feasibly possible?

Notice how you are randomly trying solutions from your knowledge and experience. You are solving by trial-and-error. You will always end up creating another problem or compromising a requirement with those ideas. In today’s world, we don’t have the liberty of a 1000 attempts to make a light bulb work. The world is now too complex. We no longer have the time or resources to keep making attempts till we get it right. Students are going to enter a much more complex world. There are too many factors to manage while solving every problem. Systematic Inventive Thinking allows you to reach the right solution efficiently, without adversely affecting any other factors. We teach you to define the right problem, approach it the right way and use the right tools.

We believe education must involve Systematic Inventive Thinking for students to be able to solve “the right problems the right way” and innovate at will. We believe we can transform your thinking with our T.I.P.S.

(Ans: Freeze syrup first and then dip in hot molten chocolate. Principle used: Other Way Around)