Programme Features:

1. The programme will be led by Innovation Consultant and TRIZ expert, Pankaj Vora, who has conducted TRIZ training in several MNCs like Mahindra, L&T and Marico while also working with many others to develop and market innovations in multiple disciplines and industries.

2. It is a practical and interactive training programme that focuses on having students begin to develop a structured and effective thinking process in their approach towards problem solving. It consists of a powerful thinking method called Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) which is derived from TRIZ, an Innovation Methodology. The programme covers a few basic tools and methods of TRIZ through practice and application.

3. Major parts of the programme will comprise of activity-based learning where the students engage in activities designed and facilitated by us. These will be indoor activities specifically designed keeping in mind the environment the school and students are in, their aptitude for grasping new concepts along with their personal interests.

4. There will be tremendous opportunity for students to unleash their creativity guided by this thinking process as they will work on improving actual products and eliminate existing contradictions as group or individual projects, to produce real results. It will be one of the most challenging yet interesting experiences!

5. The programme activities include games, presentations, discussions, projects, videos and many more. These activities will enable students to understand, practise and develop this inventive thinking process whenever they attempt to solve a problem.

6. There is a small amount of theory-based learning involved, and whatever theoretical foundation is required, will be taught through interactive methods of teaching such as videos, case studies and discussions.

7. The programme is specifically designed to create a constraint-free environment for students to be creative and make a systematic approach towards problem solving.