“We believe that every complex problem is an opportunity for innovation.”

Empowering Innovation

Our Goal

A world empowered by sustainable innovation.

Our Mission

To empower organisations to do more with less, by creating sustainable value.

Our Work

We provide innovation, design & sustainability consultancy services to all organisations.

Innovation Consultancy

Proinnovate™  offers innovation consultancy for all types of organisations across all industries. We solve your complex problems with minimal resources and empower you to do more with less.

We use powerful logical thinking and complex problem solving processes such as Theory Of Constraints, TRIZ, Immunity To Change, Systems Thinking and more.

We practise Systemic Innovation.


The REAL World School ™

REAL = Real-World Empowerment, Awareness and Learning. Our goal is to transform what and how the world learns anything and everything. We believe that education today must be about real-world skills that one needs everyday for every aspect of life. We offer 3 powerful programmes (13+ yrs) – 
TIPS – Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving.
MetaMind – Metalearning for self-learning anything.
Elementareal – Internship-based elementary school for learning the skills to contribute in the real world.

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Kabaad Ka Jugaad ®

Started in July 2016, Kabaad Ka Jugaad ® is India’s Largest Upcycling Movement. Our goal is to create a Global Self-Sustaining Upcycling Industry and be the central platform for it to grow.

We believe that waste is the new renewable resource.

Currently, we are working on a revolutionary product ecosystem to deal with plastic waste, due for launch in mid-2019.

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Hoomanwear ™

Hooman = A good-natured human being. 

We believe that meaningful Fashion transcends the individual and unites hoomans for a cause. 

We are a socially-conscious activist clothing brand and also raise funds for relevant NGOs. Our first collection is called “Rise Of The Vegans”. Our second collection is on Consent.


Rawprana ™

The only Healthcare service in India that gives you a ‘no performance – no pay’ guarantee. We work towards natural reversal and cure of over 200 diseases through (raw food) naturopathy consultancy, empowering people to live 100% sustainable lifestyles.

Our 4-tier model for health improvement is one-of-a-kind. We provide a holistic approach through naturopathy consultancy, yoga courses and raw food products and recipes.

We’ve succeeded with 120/120 people so far!

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Our team

A fun family of Proinnovators, we believe in creating sustainable value that inspires change. We love learning and doing whatever is needed, joyfully!

Get in Touch

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Internship Programme

Minimum period – 6 months.
All internships will be integrated as a part of the Elementareal Programme by The REAL World School, unless we make an exception. E-mail us at [email protected] to apply.

Office Address

Proinnovate, G/4, Shree Luxmi Woollen Mills Estate, Shakti Mills Lane, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400011
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